Is s/he the one your prefer to be your Mr. Ms. Right?

Is s/he perfect for you?

Actually, to define the word Mr./Ms. Right is not an easy way as define where is Left and where is Right side. I found out that some people get upset because they cannot find the right people for living with them forever. “I am looking forwards to see my Mr. Right not Mr. Wrongs!” said by a little girl, Ponika on Facebook social network. I totally agreed with what she said too since I am also looking for my Ms. Right. Just an easy definition [<Mr./Ms. Right is the perfect person you think you can be together with forever>by myself, Monycheat Hang (Karl)]and is it right to just sitting and waiting for your Mr./Mr. Right to appear and select you?

What does the perfectness of the person mean to you?

There is no fixed meaning of this word “Perfect person” and it is totally hard to make it fixed too. Some mentioned about Beauty, Wealthy, High education, Health, and other factors, but to my personal thought, we can define easily if you can set up your own criteria to identify how level is the perfectness you need. For example, if you think that your perfect person needs to be a millionaire, OK go for it! Just find the one who are rich, has millions dollars in bank account, has more than 10 Lamborghini, or else. Do not go for person who are beautiful/handsome or possess high education but poor. If you do so, DANG!!! it can help you define the kind of person easily and well.

Is it right to wait for your Mr./Ms. Right?

“Why do we have to wait? Instead of waiting to be chosen, why can’t we go out to find the right person? Why don’t most of us prefer to be in a position of the chooser than the chosen?” by Mr. Tep Livina and I am totally agreed with these questions! It is not the way to just sit and wait to see that guy/girl.

It’s said that learning is a process, not a destination. Personally, I find that relationship is also a process. This implies that one’s got to make some mistakes while staying in the process. Some people are lucky that they make or meet with few mistakes, but some aren’t because they make countless mistakes before they can find the right answer.

Last but not least, it is a hard to define and find who is your Mr./Ms. Right and whether s/he is your perfect person or not unless you set your criteria to select and identify that person. Also, it is recommended to be a choser not chosen and just sit and wait for that person. Go for him/her and learn from each other is s/he hit your criteria yet.


Working procrastinatively?

No more procrastination…

You have it? Yes I have it. It is the situation which you avoid doing something you don’t want to do but need to be done ( I can say I can escape from procrastination but at least I know how to by my readings and now here we go:

1. Set a realistic goals: you may feel having too much work or overwhelmed with many things that need to be done. Simply, just give yourself some times to break your work into small tasks. I mean we can start to do a check-list or to-do list.

2. No one is perfect, so start doing your work with your passion to do. Remember that do it as much and good as possible and make sure that it is all of your best. For instant, if you write a letter, it is logic that you cannot perfectly present all of your good points by that paper. Just make it interesting and attractive.

3. Value your time more: think effectively how to spend your time by not wasting it. Moreover, you will find it take less time to finish the task than it does to worry about how to finish it.Spent time effectively and don’t waste it…

4. Get a work buddy is a good idea! (I am finding a few too). Your friends can keep you on track to your tasks and work. Just spend time with them to sit and discuss about the progress of work… Let see how it will be effective…

Note:Check if it works or not. If yes, ok go:

– Reward yourself regularly if the job is done-this will encourage you on more goals

If No, go:

– Ask for help from your friends or parents. They can follow you at anytime you lose in working or procrastination…


What is volunteerism?

I volunteer to do it!

It is a quest to find a meaning of my life. I do it for myself. Your meaning must be defined by you and within you. It might be the only place that you don’t have to wear a mask as compared to working in a company.

How does it help change you as a person?

It helps me expand my horizon by exploring different areas of work and knowing more characteristics of people.

Why should we volunteer?

It helps you explore areas that you have not had a chance to do so or it might involve a higher risk at other places. Again, it is a meaning of ‘Why should I live?’

How to inspire other to volunteers?

Do what you want others to do.

What youth can do to help out the community?

Simply be part of a solution. If there is a problem, you can only complaint if complaint helps solve the problem. Otherwise, complaining is part of problem. Youth needs to get things fixed up.

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