My Favorite Things

People always have their own favorite things in life, the same to me though! I have spent nearly my whole life and still cannot confirm how many I like the most yet but only few can be confirmed now. Here they are:

1. Riding is favorite sport and for sure I cannot ride if I don’t have my bike.

My Dream Bike

Cambodians like motorbike and car as their transport to work, study, home and anywhere they want, but they don’t know that using such machines can harm their environment in the future. Currently, I would like to proudly recommend one place, SMALL WORLD which my friends working there. Most people there like traveling by bike.

Bike Photo Collection

Simply, though a bit tired with riding bike, it will benefit us though. It is a sport which gives us good health and balance our weight. More importantly, we can save more for both personal and environmental benefits.

2. Photography is not a professional activity but a hobby

Photography is my hobby.

With a feeling of loving photography and creativeness, I am inspired to get involved into photography society. It is not for business nor selling, but it is for pleasure and fill up my desire.

It is funny that I know how to use some features and functions of camera by having no coach but Youtube and reading only. Still, it is my problem now-I NEED A COACH!!!

Photo Collection

3. Reading more gives you more knowledge

Reading is a good habit!

Comparing between people read a lot with read less, who read a lots know more than who read lesser. I cannot tell you how much I know but what I know and knowledge I have is from my reading. Though we like reading, we have different favorite books I know!

To me, I simply like reading personal development, psychology, cooking, as well as anecdote.

4. Traveling is another thing I love doing when I have free time.

I traveled to most provinces in Cambodia and visited many great places such as Angkor Temples, Waterfalls, Sea, Lake, and other natural resources. Still, it is my favorite activity for me now since I am planning for international travel now. Singapore and Thailand will be my next destination for the end of this year. Don’t wait! Call me and Join with me la.

“…will update more soon.”

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