Academic and Working Experience

Royal University of Phnom Penh

I have spent 4 years completing a Bachelor of Art in English Literature majoring in English from Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL), Royal University of Phnom Penh. During my academic life, I have used my time effectively by participating in many corporate social responsibility such as being a volunteer with Fulbright and State Alumni Association of Cambodia for almost one year followed by internship with one local organization, Youth Resource Development Program Organization (YRDP) as a Personal Development trainer.

Institute of Foreign Languages

Since finished working with non-profit organizations, I seemed to be interested in business sector, then I moved back to business education institution, IDP Education Cambodia as a CamTESOL Conference Assistant for 6 months. Next, I started working for Junior Chamber International Cambodia (JCI Cambodia) as a secretariat officer. Here in JCI Cambodia, I have built and known a lot about the business and networking skill as well as English copy writing and translation talent which I could not learn from classroom.

JCI Cambodia

For 1 year, I am promoted to be a local secretary general of JCI Cambodia-Phnom Penh, one among other chapter of JCI Cambodia.

Currently, I am working for a Food and Beverage Company, Called CBM Corporation Co., Ltd. (See my About)

Mekong River Swim

Though working with a private company, I always spend my pleasure time beside working doing more social works with many organizations and institution such as Mekong River Swim with I-Can International School to raise fund to help the conservation the life in Mekong River, volunteer for ICT Expo 2012 in Cambodia and others.

I can say I am a social person whose idea is to share and work as a service to humanities. Wanna know me more, be friends and become volunteers as well as work with me! Then you will see! 😀

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