Mature enough to have a relationship?

Sound so stupid to ask a question “do you think I am mature enough to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?”!

Love or Single?

Ask yourself first dear!!! Are you ready? Do you want to have a relationship? Did you find your Mr./ Ms. Right yet?

I just would like to share you some points that can help you check yourself out that you are ready enough to have a relationship. It likes a quiz but it is very useful to me already. Personally, I have tried some times and find out that I am not yet really ready to have it. Please follow this link below, it seems to be a fun application game but it is a basic one.

I also have some tips to help you reference that you are OK for dating.

1. Age: it is one among other important factors that can really affect your life. For example, if you are young and studying, it is not recommend to start relationship so early. Sure you will get a sweet and nice relationship at the first time but it will also bring your grades down and mess up the balance in your life without you even knowing it. So why the rush?

No Money No Homey is true?

2. Financial stability: hey you remember the word “No Money, No Honey!”? I agreed with this word! Logically, do you think you are mature and can live peacefully with your partner by spending and depending on your parents’ money? I don’t think so lah. If you are not yet having and independent income and want to go for dating and start relationship, come on! It is impossible my dudes!

3. Time is also the case. No time, don’t start relationship or you will lose your good partner.

There are many other ways to identify the time when should you start and ready for relationship; however, please ask yourself that are you ready for it yet in terms of age, finance, and time…

Just the way you are!!!

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