Working procrastinatively?

No more procrastination…

You have it? Yes I have it. It is the situation which you avoid doing something you don’t want to do but need to be done ( I can say I can escape from procrastination but at least I know how to by my readings and now here we go:

1. Set a realistic goals: you may feel having too much work or overwhelmed with many things that need to be done. Simply, just give yourself some times to break your work into small tasks. I mean we can start to do a check-list or to-do list.

2. No one is perfect, so start doing your work with your passion to do. Remember that do it as much and good as possible and make sure that it is all of your best. For instant, if you write a letter, it is logic that you cannot perfectly present all of your good points by that paper. Just make it interesting and attractive.

3. Value your time more: think effectively how to spend your time by not wasting it. Moreover, you will find it take less time to finish the task than it does to worry about how to finish it.Spent time effectively and don’t waste it…

4. Get a work buddy is a good idea! (I am finding a few too). Your friends can keep you on track to your tasks and work. Just spend time with them to sit and discuss about the progress of work… Let see how it will be effective…

Note:Check if it works or not. If yes, ok go:

– Reward yourself regularly if the job is done-this will encourage you on more goals

If No, go:

– Ask for help from your friends or parents. They can follow you at anytime you lose in working or procrastination…


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