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What is volunteerism?

I volunteer to do it!

It is a quest to find a meaning of my life. I do it for myself. Your meaning must be defined by you and within you. It might be the only place that you don’t have to wear a mask as compared to working in a company.

How does it help change you as a person?

It helps me expand my horizon by exploring different areas of work and knowing more characteristics of people.

Why should we volunteer?

It helps you explore areas that you have not had a chance to do so or it might involve a higher risk at other places. Again, it is a meaning of ‘Why should I live?’

How to inspire other to volunteers?

Do what you want others to do.

What youth can do to help out the community?

Simply be part of a solution. If there is a problem, you can only complaint if complaint helps solve the problem. Otherwise, complaining is part of problem. Youth needs to get things fixed up.

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